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Compliance By State
Frequently Asked Questions

I already have a DOT number. What do I need to do to keep my DOT number in compliance with FMCSA regulations?

MCS150 Biennial Update 

MCS-150 form also refers to as Biennial Update, and DOT update.

Based on your DOT number, you’ll need to file a form called MCS-150 every 2 years based on the last 2 digits of your DOT number. If you have any change to your address or other information before the 2 years you will need to file MCS-150 Biennial update form when such change occurs and then file MCS-150 Biennial Update form AGAIN when it's due using guidelines below.

How to file MCS-150 form?

The filling due date for your MCS-150 will be determined by the numbers of your DOT number, specifically the 2 last number.  ​

1. Identify the second to last digit of your DOT number 

dot transpernt 2.png
  • If the second to last digit of your DOT number is Odd- you’ll file your MCS-150 form in the Odd years. (i.e. 2021, 2023, 202…) 

  • If the second to last digit of your DOT number is Even- you’ll file your MCS-150 form in the Even years. (i.e. 2020, 2022, 2024…) 

2. Identify the last digit in your DOT number.    

dot transpernt.webp
  • This number will determine the month on which you need to file your MCS-150  form, you must file MCS-150 form by the last day of the month.

If your USDOT number ends in:                     File by the last day of:

                        1                                                             January       

                        2                                                             February

                        3                                                             March

                        4                                                             April

                        5                                                             May

                        6                                                             June

                        7                                                             July

                        8                                                             August

                        9                                                             September

                        0                                                             October



To open a new DOT and keeping it updated by filling the MCS-150 form is only the beginning!
You must learn what compliance is necessary depending on your business operation. Do you cross state lines? What cargo do you haul? What is your vehicle's weight? Those questions will determine what other if any compliance you must keep.  
Don't worry we will simplify everything so you won't get confused. 

What happens if I don't update the DOT number?


If you don’t update your MCS-150 form, your USDOT number may be deactivated and you could be faced with a $1,000 fee per day up to $10,000. Note: You may be charged this fee even if none of your business information has changed within the past two years. The FMCSA randomly deactivates USDOT numbers if MCS-150 Biennial Update is not filed on time. 

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