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Frequently Asked Questions

I need a DOT number what should I do next?

To determine if you need a USDOT number, please visit our DOT Compliance page on the left menu bar and read carefully all of the FMCSA registration requirements. 

The documentation you will need:


On the New DOT number form, you will be required to provide information about your business operation. Below is a list of all information you need to have before starting your application.​

  • Company operation (legal name/dba, physical address, mailing address, ownership).

  • Operation Classification.

  • Cargo Classification.

  • HazMat Classification (if applicable).

  • Number of Vehicles.

  • Type of Vehicles.

  • Ownership of Commercial Vehicles (own, term lease, trip lease).

  • Driver Status (intrastate, interstate, total drivers, total CDL drivers).

Once you have all of the above information you may click on the New DOT number button and start your application. ​

What to expect once I complete the New DOT number application?

Once you complete your New DOT number application an agent will be assigned to complete your application. The agent will review your application and verify the information is correctly submitted. Please note that the agent may reach out to you via phone or email to verify information about your business so please make sure you provide us with contact information that is most accessible to you.

The agent will process your application and once approved by the Federal Motor Carrier Safty Administration (FMCSA) we will email you a confirmation number informing you that your New DOT number was created.

Now that I have an active DOT number what do I need to do to keep my DOT number in compliance?

To keep your DOT number in compliance with FMCSA you must update your DOT number every 2 years by filling MSC-150 form.
Please visit the MCS150 Biennial Update page to learn about FMCSA filing requirements.

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