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Drug and Alcohol Consortium

  • You must participate in a drug and alcohol pre-test if you’re a new hire within the industry or if you’re applying for a job and haven’t participated in random DOT testing within the last 30 days. The pre-test needs to be completed before conducting any safety-sensitive performances. Employers can join a DOT Random Drug Testing Consortium program, which will help manage the company’s drug and alcohol testing.

  • The consortium acts as an agent, but you are responsible for compliance as an employer. According to federal law 49 CFR Part 382, you must adhere to drug and alcohol testing requirements if you fall under the following categories:

  • Operate a CDL vehicle

  • Drive a vehicle that weighs more than 26,001 lbs. GVRW

  • Drive a vehicle that transports more than eight passengers or hazardous material

  • Renew the policy every 12 months.

Training For Supervisor 

Supervisor training doesn’t apply to owner-operators who are self-employed. Under 49CFR Part 382.603, all supervisors who oversee CDL drivers must undergo a minimum of two hours of training — 60 minutes of training on alcohol abuse and 60 minutes on drug abuse. The course includes physical, behavioral, speech, and performance indicators of alcohol and drug misuse. Each supervisor only needs to complete the training once in their career.

The program is in place to protect the public. Every driver must be aware of the effects of controlled substances and alcohol on their safety, health, and work environment. As an employer, you must develop a written policy and provide each driver with the stipulations.

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