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CVSA Safety Enforcement Operation Pulled Over More Than 60,000 Drivers

Updated: Aug 2, 2021

The Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance announced Sept. 2 that law enforcement officers and inspectors pulled over more than 60,000 drivers engaging in unsafe driving behavior on U.S. and Canadian roadways. They were issuing multiple warnings and citations as part of Operation Safe Driver Week.

"We released the 2020 #OperationSafeDriverWeek results today. Commercial motor vehicle drivers were issued 4,659 citations and 6,077 warnings. Passenger vehicle drivers received 17,329 citations and 14,792 warnings. View the full results." CVSA said in a statement.

The percentage of crashes involving some type of driver-related behavior is estimated at 94%. CVSA — in partnership with the federal government, the law enforcement community and the motor carrier industry — launched Operation Safe Driver to reduce the number of deaths and injuries from dangerous driving.

Traffic enforcement violations included such behavior as speeding, distracted driving, following too closely, improper lane change and failure to wear a seat belt. State and local driver violations included vehicle-related observations an officer may notice during a traffic stop, such as mirror equipment violations, expired license plate tags and inoperative lamps.

"According to recently released #OperationSafeDriverWeek data, passenger vehicle drivers received 11,456 warnings and 14,378 citations for speed-related violations, accounting for 44.76% of all warnings and citations issued to passenger vehicle drivers" CVSA tweeted on Sep 2.

“When commercial motor vehicles and passenger vehicles collide, no matter who was at fault, the results can be catastrophic, especially for the smaller and lighter passenger vehicle,” said CVSA President John Samis.

Drive safe learn about compliance and be in compliance.

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