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How long does it take to get a DOT Number?

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How long does it take to get a DOT Number?

You will get your new DOT number almost immediately once we submit a request

Process of applying for a DOT number

The process of applying for a DOT number can be complicated and time-consuming for those unfamiliar to the process, but we are here available to help you. At American Carrier Compliance, for example, all it takes is to fill up the form for the New DOT, follow the steps and answer all the questions about your business, you can also call us and submit this service request over the phone. Because we submit applications electronically, you will receive your new DOT almost immediately once one of our specialists issues the request.

To register a New DOT Number you will need to provide the following information about the DOT operator:

1. Company name- There is no restrictions and you can provide a personal name if you don’t have an entity.

2. Your business address

3. An IRS EIN Number and a social security number

4. Hazmat information- If you plan on Hazmat material as a cargo you will need to provide the Hazmat code/UN.

Learning about all the DOT compliance isn’t always easy and its especially hard when you do it once in awhile and in most situations by the time you need to repeat you already forgotten what needs to be done, but at American Carrier Compliance, our holy grail is to help you get onto the right road and stay in compliance.

We offer customer support at every turn when it comes to DOT regulation, so you don’t miss any important compliance and you don’t feel overwhelmed when trying to complete your compliance.

At American Carrier Compliance, we’ll fill out your DOT Number Application and submit it on your behalf with all the necessary agencies in a timely manner. Our compliance specialists will try to be very productive in review your business operation structure and help you to fulfill your compliance requirements before you hit the road.

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