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USDOT a unique number that help to keep track of your DOT number compliance

The FMCSA, also known as the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, created a unique number system and named it DOT number or USDOT number, This number helps the FMCSA to keep information about every driver that is required to have such number.

Also, It is the sole responsibility of each driver to research and find out if they need to have a USDOT number based on their operation. Factors such as the weight of the track, what it carries and to where it drives will determine if a USDOT number must be obtained.

At American Carrier Compliance we have specialists available to help every driver to determine if they need to have a USDOT number.

Information you need to have before our specialist can assist you:

1. Your vehicle weight- You can find this information on your vehicle registration document or on the side of the door in your track.

2. The type of cargo your track will be carrying.

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