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How to get a DOT number?

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How to get a DOT number?

You can get a DOT number by following those steps

How to get a DOT number?

Congratulations you have decided to start your tracking business! Operating as a commercial driver takes a lot of work. From getting the CDL license and make sure you have all the documents to be in compliance with the FMCSA also known as the federal motor carrier safety administration.

What do i need to do to get my USDOT number?

The answer to this question is quite easy, you need to complete the form for New DOT and answer all the questions, we will file all the required documents to the Department of Transportation once we gather all needed information related to your trucking registration, we will pay the fee`s and will notify you when it is ready.

Thee application process is quit east. You will need to complete an online form on our site and provide some basic information about your operation such as: :

1. The name of the company- You can also use your personal name if you didn’t open your LLC yet or if you choose not to have an LLC at all. Many Carriers Operators do choose to form an LLC as this provide them protection from the business liability and protects their personal assets if business fail.

2. Principal Address of the Carrier or if a business then the main address from which the business is operating from.

3. If an LLC then you will need to provide an EIN Number or SS number if you operate as a sole proprietor.

4. Hazmat information- You will need to provide the Hazmat code/UN as Hazardous cargo is strictly regulated make sure you provide all information the Hazardous materials you are carrying on your truck.

Please contact one of our specialist to check if you are subject to other requirements such as UCR, Operating authority, Needing an MC number filing of form2290

Maintain your new DOT compliance:

Currently, The Department of Transportation requiring all DOT number holders to file a biennial report and provide to the Government the relevant information about you operation. The Government need to have the most updated and current Data about the carriers.

Other Compliance

Base on your operation and the cargo you carry it will be determined if you will also need to file for UCR, or issue an MC operating authority.


UCR stands for Unified Carrier Registration. All companies that operate as an INTERstate commerce must complete registration and pay the current fee charged by this administration. The fee is determined based on the size of your fleet. At registration, you will need to provide your USDOT number. This number is used by the FMCSA as a tool of identification of commercial companies and carriers.

How can we help you

At American Carrier Registration we make many resources and services available to very driver from a customer service agents that are available to answer any questions to an ease to read content to help with the learning process and understanding all the regulations to actually file those for you so you can be focused on growing your trucking business. You can call as at: 800.992.3040 or email us at:

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