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MCS 150 Update

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MCS 150 Update

It is easy to file with American Carrier Compliance

If you own a truck and have a DOT number, you've undoubtedly heard about the MCS 150 or, as it's known among drivers, the Biennial Update.

So what is a Biennial update?

The federal motor carrier safety administration (FMCSA) requires all commercial motor vehicles to update their information on an annual basis. If you run a vehicle under the FMCSA's authority, you must ensure that your business remains operational and, as a result, file an updated every two years. Even if no significant changes have occurred at your company the department of transportation still require you to submit this report as they want to ensure that they have the most relevant and updated information about your business operation.

As part of the registration you will have to provide basic information such as:

  • Your first and last name

  • USDOT number

  • Your address

  • Phone number

  • Company operation

  • Operation classification

  • Cargo classification

  • Hazardous materials (if you carry any at all)

  • Information about your drivers and vehicles

Once you've given us the above information, your MCS150 form will be evaluated by our agent to ensure there are no mistakes. If required data is missing, they will contact you via phone or email to obtain it or for further clarity. Next, we submit your biennial update to the Department of Transportation, it will take 2-8 days for the department of transportation to approve it. If your updated mcs 150 form is approved, we'll send you an email notifying you that your biennial update is completed and that you may proudly say that you've completed your mcs150 biennial update.

If you have any changes in your business, such as a new address, change in the business ownership or if your operation changed from INTRAstate to INTERstate (INTERstate operators must also file for UCR registration) anytime before the expiration date of your MCS150, please contact us as the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA)requires you to file the MCS 150 form with updated information when those kind of changed occur.

How do i know when to file my MCS 150 biennial update?

The federal motor vehicle safety administration (FMCSA) made it simple to know when your MCS 150 form form must be filed. The last two digits of your DOT number indicate the year in

which you must submit and the month of the filing. The last digit determines the month your filing is due (1 - Jan, 2 - Feb etc...) and The 2nd to last digit of your USDOT number determines whether you must submit during an odd or even-numbered year (Odd: 2023, 2025 etc.. Even: 2024, 2026 etc...)

What is a USDOT number?

DOT number also known as USDOT or the department of transportation number. this is a special tracking number issued by the department of transportation and is used by U.S government officials to pull up information about your operation, It's also used for audit and you'll be requested to present it if pulled over by law enforcement on the road.

INTERstateor INTRAstate

Your cargo may affect whether you are INState or INTERstate. This gets a little complicated since your cargo determines if you are INTRAstate or ITERstate. For example, from where it came and to where it is going.

It's also considered interstate if you have to cross state lines to deliver in the same state where you began.

If you find that your operation spans multiple states, you must also submit the UCR registration. The UCR registration annual fee is determined by the size of your fleet; the larger your fleet, the higher the price. At American carrier compliance we can help you to file your UCR registration you will need to complete an online form and once submitted by our agent you will receive an email notification.

What if i have an LLC ?

Many truckers have there USDOT number registered under their LLC. If you have an LLC you will still need to file the same MCS150 form. All of the forms are the same both for individual USDOT holders and for LLC`s and you can find all our forms of our forms page. The only difference will be that you will need to provide the name of your entity and the address of your business.


Here at American Carrier Compliance we make it easy for our truckers to complete our online forms and keep their DOT compliance. You can email us or call us we are available to help you out! mcs 150 update

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